Organic Food and Urinary Tract

Organic Food and Urinary Tract

We constantly hear good things about organic food and people are always saying how healthy it actually is.
That’s why so many people have decided to stop using conventional food and dedicate their life to organic food.

These days we can hear a lot of positive things when it comes to organic food, which gives us even bigger desire to start consuming it.
For example the latest research has shown that women who ate only organic food during their pregnancy have small chances of having a baby boy with hypospadias, which is a malformation in the urinary tract.

And on the other hand women who didn’t consume organic food during pregnancy have bigger chances of having that problem.
This information came from the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study and it has been published by Environmental Health Perspectives.
This type of malformation arises during fetal life and luckily it is surgically corrected after the baby is born.

This study has also showed that women who said that they’ve been eating organic food had less than half the probability of having baby boys with this malformation compared with women who have never eaten organic food, especially during the pregnancy.

You have women who seldom ate organic food, which probably means that they consumed only small amounts of it.
What is interesting about this whole situation is that vegetables are the food with the biggest impact on the result.
Also scientists took into account some other important information and factors when it comes to pregnancy and those are: their diet, age, income, education and the development of the fetus.

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